Flood Relief efforts are underway.

Show up at any Our Savior’s Church location where teams are assembling every day at 9 am to help with homes and churches. This will be a massive effort, so we will need hundreds of people to help.
If you have experienced loss and have a need as a result of the flooding, please select “I Need Help” above to tell us about the need.
If you are able to help, in any way please select “I Am Able To Help” and we’ll get you place on a team right away.

First Time Here?

We believe that everyone can find their place at Our Savior’s Church. We’d love to see you at church this weekend! Visiting a new place for the first time can be intimidating, so take a moment to get to know us before you join us at one of our weekend services.

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Arise Conference

September 29, 2016


Giving expresses your gratitude to God and joins you to what He is doing. God is a lavish giver. The only reasonable response to such generosity is to share with others what God has so freely given us, joining with Him in reaching people and building lives for eternal impact.

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We would love to stand with you in prayer for any needs you have!

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